How To Convert Youtube Videos To mp3 & Free Download

How To Convert Youtube Videos To mp3 & Free Download

What do you do if you don’t want to stream a YouTube video or even just to hear the music? In this case you’ll need the convenience of storage and portability in MP3 format. We will demonstrate how you can convert an YouTube video file into an MP3 file.

How To Convert Youtube Videos To mp3 Free Download

There are many free Youtube to mp3 converter that you can directly use in your browser, or download to your desktop. Find out more about our favorite tools and easy instructions for converting your MP4 files with these free tools.

  1. Open Yttomp3. A visit to the Yttomp3 home page is your ideal starting point. Yttomp3 is an easy-to-use cloud-based service that offers an all-in-one solution that needs only an internet connection as well as your file. It’s completely free, doesn’t require any additional software and is compatible with hundreds of format sand, in our instance, MP4 to MP3. Although the audio quality is fantastic and the speed at which it converts however, a free account can handle maximum 25 conversions every day. But, Yttomp3 should suit your needs if you just need to convert a couple of tiny files daily.
  2. Choose the files that you would like to convert.: Select on the Select File button in the middle of the page. Then choose the YouTube videos you’d like to convert into MP3. A pop-up will be displayed where you can find or look up the files you wish to convert in your personal computer. Clicking on the Drop Down Arrow icon to the right of Select File it is possible to select a file using an URL or from the folders of your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. Be aware that you’ll have to log in to the cloud account through the Yttomp3 web site to access your cloud storage data. This will automatically establish an cost-free Yttomp3 account. After you have selected your files After you have selected them, select the “Open” button on lower right corner in the pop-up window . This will include your file in the queue for conversion.
  3. Select the output format you want to use: Select to click the Drop Down Arrow button that will appear after you upload your MP4 file. Then, select Audio and then MP3 in the dropdown menu. Click the wrench icon just beside the file in case you want to tweak the bit rate of your audio or audio Q scale, length or volume. This is an extremely useful tool in the event that your Youtube videos have an introduction or a conclusion that has unwanted audio. After you’ve finished you can click the red OK button.
  4. Begin the process of conversion: Press the Convert red button located on the right-hand side page once you’ve completed setting the output preferences you want to use. A gray and yellow bar will show up showing the current status of the conversion and a cancel option (a red X beside the bar with the gray and yellow) in case you wish to cancel the conversion due to any reason. Then, you must wait for the conversion process to complete.
  5. Download your brand new MP3: It could take a while it may take some time, however Yttomp3 will inform you when the conversion is complete. (A preview of the MP3 track can play automatically so that you can listen to the track before you decide to save it.) Click on the Download icon to download the file on your computer. Once you’ve extracted your audio and need to download it, you’ll need an music player..

Alternative: YouTube videos of any kind Convert (Windows as well as MacOS)

You can make use of our preferred YouTube videos converter, called YouTube videos Converter for any Youtube video, in case you wish to convert videos on your computer.

Through the converter are able to convert MP4 audio to a variety types of format, such as the extremely versatile MP3 format. The converter we recommend is our first choice due to its speedy speeds, excellent YouTube audio and video quality, as well as its broad range of devices supported. AVC also comes with advanced options like trimming and cropping audio files and layering various files.

The AVC website provides a no-cost version of the Any YouTube Videos Converter software , which can be downloaded directly. The downloading process by simply clicking of “Download”. After installation, open the application and then click on the Add and Drag File(s) icon on your screen.

A pop-up window will open where you are able to select the MP4 file to be the input. After that, you can choose MP3 as the output format from the choices offered in the Drop-Down menu to just left on clicking the Convert Now! button. Select button. Click on the Music Note icon in this menu to display the audio options available. Then select MP3.

The conversion will start when you press “Convert Now!” Convert Now! button. The new MP3 files save folder will be automatically opened once the conversion is completed and you will be able to locate the new MP3 file immediately.

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