How To Download YouTube Videos to mp3

YouTube is the most popular application for a variety of MP3 and video including music, Vlogs tutorials, how-to videos, and so on. Sometimes , you’re more interested by the MP3 of a video than the motion-picture footage. This is why you must understand how to download the MP3 from YouTube.

How To Download YouTube Videos to mp3

If you have in-built Apple gadget, then this tutorial will teach you how to download music from YouTube, Mac and Windows. The guide also explains how to use the Parallels Toolbox and why it’s ideal for downloading the MP3 files from YouTube.

How do I download the MP3from YouTube

There are numerous ways that you can download music on YouTube Mac. However, Windows users can also make use of web-based tools for downloading their favorite YouTube MP3. Below, we’ve given steps for downloading MP3 directly from YouTube to Windows as well as Mac.

Downloading YouTube MP3 on Windows for absolutely free

If you want for downloading YouTube MP3 for Windows typically, you’ll need to do it on the internet. There are many websites that you could use, but there’s a great free service called Instructions on how to download music from YouTube videos are provided below.

  1. Go to and then play the video that has the MP3 you wish to hear. Copy the URL of the video.
  2. Visit Mp3 Download Copy the URL into the text box and then click the search button. Then, you will be presented with a second window that lists the different MP3 formats.
  3. Select the preferred format and then press the Download button.
  4. When the search is finished the pop-up window will appear on your screen asking users to download the files. Hit to click the “Download Now” option to download the file onto your computer.

MP3 files can be downloaded on YouTube for free on Mac for no cost

Computer users looking to understand the process of downloading MP3 on YouTube on Mac for free , must first download access to the Yttomp3 HD Downloader. It is available for download on the Yttomp3 website (Youtube to mp3 download). After the download is completed you can launch it to begin the process of downloading YouTube MP3. Here are the steps you need to follow while extracting your YouTube video’s:

  1. Go to YouTube and then click on the target video
  2. An option to download will be visible in the top-left corner. A drop-down menu will show showing the various formats for MP3. Select the format you prefer.
  3. After this, yttomp3 Video Downloader will start automatically downloads of the video.

YouTube MP3 files for download on YouTube on Mac without the need for software

Did you know that you can download YouTube MP3 without the need to install a third-party application? All you have to do is include”kiss,” or the words “kiss” before the “YouTube” in the URL of the YouTube video you’re planning to download. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube and connect to the video whose MP3 you’d like to hear.
  2. Modify your URL’s address by adding “kiss” before the “youtube”. For example, if the video’s URL is, the new URL will read .
  3. The video will be stopped for it to completely buffer. Then select the Window within the main menu and choose Activity.
  4. Look for the line that is corresponding to the video you want to download. Double-click to begin downloading the MP3

MP3 can be downloaded on YouTube to your Mac online

If you’d prefer to download YouTube MP3 it is possible to download it online via

  1. Paste the URL for that YouTube movie you’d like convert to MP3 into the text area of the website.
  2. After it’s been pasted after that, then click Convert Video to begin the conversion process.
  3. Once the conversion has been completed When the conversion is completed, then click the Download button to download the MP3 version.

How do I Download MP3 files from YouTube with the help of Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox is a powerful program that lets users to download their favorite music from the web and even YouTube. Here’s how to make use of it.

  1. Start your Parallels Toolbox located on your screen’s top toolbar.
  2. Select MP3 beneath on the library window to open the menu dropdown.
  3. Choose to Download Music and a pop-up will show up on the screen, with a download icon.
  4. Go to YouTube Search to find the film, then click the URL to open the download window.
  5. After the download has been completed After the download is complete, a list of the MP3 files you downloaded will appear in the Parallels window. You can unmark all of them and then only look at the MP3 that you wish to download. Click the Download Selected button
  6. Your MP3 file will be saved on your computer.


There’s a lot of online content that provides instructions on downloading YouTube MP3. This makes finding the correct application as well as downloading an MP3 files difficult and difficult. It is best to choose the program that has an easy method to download YouTube MP3 file. By using Parallel Toolbox, you have multi-platform software with more than 30 functions to assist you complete computer tasks quickly and quickly.

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