How To Download Youtube Videos to mp4

Do I need Software to download YouTube videos to MP4?

In the year 2005 YouTube introduced its debut film “Met at the Zoo.” Since then, it has seen a rise in popularity, and continues to grow since millions of users are making use of it, and it is being supported by a variety of communities. It can be quite annoying when you must buffer a video over and over again. It’s never been this easy downloading videos off YouTube. No matter if it’s an educational video, tutorial or your favorite music.
There are no more times when you had to look for videos to learn something or share it with your family or friends. If you do a browse Google and discover hundreds of paid and free programs that allow you to convert YouTube videos to MP4. There could be risk by downloading the software could also introduce viruses in your system. In some cases it is so complicated that you aren’t able to succeed in the downloading of your most loved YouTube videos. It is therefore highly advised to not use any software that is not known to you. By using the online tools listed below, novices or experienced user can convert YouTube videos in mp4 format without the need for software.

Download mp3 from Youtube

How To Download Youtube Videos to mp4

Let’s get started with the top YouTube online video downloader and convertor there is. With it is possible to transform Youtube to mp4 y2mate MOV, MOV and MTS formats, 3GP FLV, WebMD and many other video formats that are standard. It’s also available for free and does not watermark downloaded YouTube videos. Additionally, you don’t have to install any software on your laptop or cell phone.

Here is how you can convert and extract Youtube videos to mp4 using

  1. Launch and then click on the YouTube icon. Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in the box which is displayed. Click Add to play the video.
  2. Once you have loaded the video, go to the drop-down arrow to select the desired format. Additionally, you can click Settings to trim the video, alter resolution bitrate, codec, and more.
  3. Then Press Convert to begin downloading and the conversion of you YouTube videos. You can download it to your local drive or upload it to Dropbox.

How to download Youtube videos to mp4 easily on Opera/Firefox

For Firefox:

  1. Click the download icon in green and the extension should be downloading.
  2. Once you click on the video on YouTube the download button will be displayed when you click it, and the video will download.
  3. Once you have clicked on download button, you will be able to select the format you would like the film to download.

For Opera:

  1. To download the extension, simply click Download/Add to Opera.
  2. Visit the video the ability to download.
  3. You’ll find a download button beneath the video.
  4. Choose the format that you would like the film to be saved. Then proceed.

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