How To Free Download Youtube Videos to mp3 Desktop/Mobile

The ability to Free Download Youtube Videos to mp3 is beneficial for many purposes, though the most important reason is that you can stream the videos wherever you go. There isn’t an “official” way to do this, as with YouTube or any of the other top streaming services.

How To Free Download Youtube Videos to mp3 Desktop

While there’s a link at the bottom of videos that are available on the Youtube website that reads “Save video,” all it does is include the video in an “saved video” list to be watched later on the site or in the app. However, there’s an alternative to this for both mobile and desktop. Keep in mind that certain content you wish to download might be copied righted, so ensure that you’re not violating any laws before embarking on a downloading binge.

In addition, uploads of private videos might be private due to a reason, so be sure to check with the person who uploaded the video you are planning to download prior to launching.

How do you free download mp3 from Youtube on your desktop

In your browser for desktops Go to your desktop browser, go to the Youtube website (opens in a new tab) and search for the video you wish to download. To create this article, we’ll choose the latest video available on The official Tom’s Guide Youtube page(opens in a new tab).
Select the video interests you. Once the video starts playing then click the three dot button located on the right side on the right-hand side of the movie.

  1. Within the menu dropdown which opens Click “Copy link.” It’s the fourth option down.
  2. Copy the link to an entirely new browser tab. It might be cut into it being an “fb. watch” link. If that is the case, press Enter to make it expand and you’ll be left with a link that looks similar to the one in the screenshot below.
  3. Change your address bar’s URL, so the “www” is changed to “mbasic.”
  4. Click on the video, then select “Open link in new tab.”
  5. The new window in the new tab, you will see that the Youtube video is the sole item on the screen. Click it right, then select “Save video as” to download the video onto your computer.

How do I free download YouTube videos to mp3 on mobile devices?

The ability to download Youtube videos to mp3 on mobile devices is a distinct kettle of fish and although there are applications which claim to help an easier method is to utilize the website. You can opens in a new tab. It works on Android and iOS However, you’ll have to install yttomp3 Firefox browser(opens in a new tab) for an iPhone or iPad because the site isn’t loading correctly in Safari.

Keep in mind that this technique only works with publicly-shared YouTube videos to mp3.

  1. Start your Youtube mobile app, then log in.
  2. Choose the video you wish to download, then click the Share button beneath.
  3. Scroll across until you see the option labeled “Copy Link.” Tap it.
  4. Start the mobile version of your browser (remember that you should make sure you use Firefox(opens in a new tab) when you’re using the iPhone) and go to official website.
  5. Copy the URL of the video into the box located in at the center and then press “Download.”
  6. The page will then open that will display only what’s on the Youtube video. Then, long-press the clip and press “Download video” when the option opens.

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